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Transportation in Varna

Varna is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, but it has good transport system with cheap ticket price and cheap taxi services. You can take the bus for a budget travel or grab a taxi and enjoy comfort and quality.

Since 2018 there is Central paid zone active – also known as “blue zone”

Price per hour is 1 bgn (approx. 0.60 euro)

Currently this are is expanding and July 2020 its range will reach the Inner city.

Payment methods

The mobile application allows you to select a period for parking between 30 minutes and 3 hours. You can also save the numbers of different motor cars for quick access.
You can download the application for Android or iOS, after which you must login and load your virtual wallet.

Customers of Bulgarian mobile operators send SMS to number 1352 with the number of the motor car as text. The SMS content must reproduce literally the content of the license plate of the respective road transport vehicle. The system accepts Cyrillic and Latin writing with an allowed maximum of 10 symbols.
В 1234 АВ – correct
V 1234 AV – incorrect
Б 1234 AБ – incorrect

The parking charge with a single SMS is for 1 hour. The unit price is BGN 1 plus the price of the SMS.
The payment is successfully made when the customer receives a confirmation message.
The system sends a warning message about 5 minutes before expiry of the parking time.
Customers may send an SMS for the respective vehicle before expiry of the current paid period. In this case the parking time is extended by one more hour. The maximum period of stay is 3 hours. Upon reaching the maximum time the system will not accept and charge any attempts for subsequent payments and the customer may move his/her vehicle outside the area of the blue zone. A new 3-hour period may start after passing of 30 minutes as of the expiry of the previous period.
Upon receipt of an SMS after midnight and before the start of the working hours of the Blue Zone the system registers a “postponed” parking with starting time coinciding with the start of the working hours for the Blue Zone.

You can register here or use your registration from the mobile application.
The numbers of your vehicles and the virtual wallets are automatically synchronized with the mobile application. You can also choose a period for parking between 30 minutes and up to 3 hours.
For residents and merchants in the area the registration allows for submission of online applications.

The payment for parking is made in points of sale marked with a sticker.

Map of the points of sale


Do not panic we have relatively well developed city transport system with good price.

Most important bus lines are:

  • 9
  • 409
  • 82
  • 31A

Here we have some tips for transport in town

Remember one number: 409

409 is a bus line with starting point: Airport Varna to Golden Sands resort.

The bus practically passes through almost every important place for city visitors:

Bus line #9 connects central railway station with the city center/cathedral – dolphinarium and the resorts “Sts. Constantine and Helena” and “Golden sands”.

Check our partners website for navigation through Varna with bus system – HERE and HERE

Ticket price is:

  • 1 bgn –  0.50 euro cents for city destination
  • 1.60 bgn – 0.80 euro cents for Saint Constantine and Helena resort
  • 3 bgn – 1.5 euro for Golden sands resort

Taxi in Varna! Why? Cheap price, superb quality!

Order taxi and enjoy fast service in each part of the city. We recommend our partners from Triumf. Price per km is 1 bgn – 0.50 euro