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How it works?Plan your itinerary in advance


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How to orderPhone - Email - Viber - Whatsapp

You can contact us any day from 10 to 17 and order your FREE CITY PASS.

We will provide you Plastic or Digital city pass with FREE ENTRANCE for more than 15 museums and attractions and discount for more than 30 places!


How it works24h - 48h - 72h pass for city attractions

There are several options for your CITY PASS*:

  • 24h adult pass
  • 24h adult + child pass
  • 48h adult pass
  • 48h adult + child pass
  • 72h adult pass
  • 72h adult + child pass

The CITY PASS has 6 months expiration from your order and it is ACTIVE with your FIRST CHECK-IN in a location.

*Some of the options are available only in DIGITAL format


What you getFree museums admissions and discount

Purchasing the PASS you get FREE ENTRANCE to 15 of the city’s top places:

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Retro Museum
  • Aladzha Monastery
  • Stone Forest
  • Museum “History of Varna”
  • City Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev”
  • Museum of National Revival
  • Museum Park “Vladislav Varnenchik”
  • Roman Thermae (2nd – 3rd C. AD)
  • Small Roman Thermae (3rd – 6th C.AD)
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Varna Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Puppet Museum
  • Naval Museum


Discount DEALS in Varna

  • Free coffee at the Social Teahouse
  • 20% off to see the Wax Museum
  • 45% off a Pirate Party at Pinta Varna
  • 10% off a full action day at Varna Karting Track
  • Free beer with every burger at the Black Sheep Brewhouse
  • Free attaction of your choice at Amusement Park Sea Garden
  • 10% off at Balkanik Souvenir Shop
  • and many more!

FREE AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE with your property booking from our website!


Visit top 15 Attractions in Varna Save over 45 euro with City FREE Pass - Enjoy best of Varna

Archaeological Museum 5.00 €
Retro Museum 5.00 €
Aladzha Monastery 5.00 €
Stone Forest 1.50 €
Museum “History of Varna” 2.00 €
Museum of National Revival 2.00 €
Museum Park “Vladislav Varnenchik” 7.50 €
Roman Thermae (2nd – 3rd C. AD) 5.00 €
Small Roman Thermae (3rd – 6th C.AD) 1.00 €
Ethnographic Museum 2.00 €
Varna Zoo 2.50 €
Aquarium 10.00 €
Puppet Museum 10.00 €
Naval Museum 2.50 €
Total admission costs 61.00 €


You save more than 45 euro!

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