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Aladzha Monastery dates back to the 11th-12th centuries when the settlement of the monk ascetics began there. Its caves, however, were inhabited since the time of the Byzantine era, and since then the first archaeological materials found there – coins and several ceramic pieces – have been dated. During the years of the Second Bulgarian State, under the influence of the Hesychastic movement, the rock monastery reached its peak. The life of the monastery dies in the beginning or the middle of the Ottoman domination. For the first time the name of the monastery “Aladja” (in Turkish “color”) was mentioned in 1832. by Russian archaeologist Victor Teplekov, who at that time excavated in northern Bulgaria. The first comprehensive study of the monastery was the work of K. Shkorpil, who in 1889, he explored the caves and made a constructive plan. The archeological society and museum, established by him and his brother, took charge of the monastery. In 1912. The Aladzha Monastery was declared a folk old age, and later – in 1957. as a monument of culture of national importance.

Aladzha monastery is located 2 km away from the Golden sands resort and 10 km north of Varna. The route to Aladzha Monastery is left turn just before Golden Sands and is easily reached by car or bus. Bus line number 29 from the stop “Center”



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